The Tsunami Project depends on contributions and donations from people like you to support continue moving forward. Every single dollar received by The Tsunami Project is utilized to support the project. The Tsunami Project cherishes each donation since they are the life blood of our non-profit. If you have contributed to The Tsunami Project in the past, thank you, again.

Additionally, we want to give a special thanks to the following organizations who have gone above and beyond to help ensure the success of The Tsunami Project.

Support Us

The Tsunami Project is volunteer driven program and we are always looking for your support, whether it be in the shop fabricating parts or you would like to make a direct financial contribution, we have many ways you can get involved.

Add your name to the wave

We are providing individual donors the opportunity to inscribe their name in Tsunamis wave. For $18 your name will be embedded into the wave graphic on the side of the aircraft and will be postedĀ on our website. This is a great way for individuals get involved with the project and show their support.

Engrave your name into the gear door

From the very beginning Tsunami has relied on the support of individuals and businesses all over the world. In 1991, John Sandberg wanted to show his gratitude to everyone who played a significant role in making Tsunami a reality and engraved over 300 names into the aircraft’s left gear door.

If you would like to make a substantial contribution of $1,000 we would like to thank you by engraving your name or business name into Tsunami’s right gear door and post your nameĀ on our website.

Become a volunteer

We understand that not everyone can play a physical role in rebuilding Tsunami, however there are many other ways that you can get involved with the project. An example could be helping tell the history of Tsunami or writing bios of those who were involved and we can add it to the website. If you live near the project in Princeton, MN and would like to become a hands-on volunteer we have several opportunities, such as help teach students aircraft construction techniques to instructing them how to build parts in 3D CAD systems. If you are interested in getting involved please e-mail us at info@flightexpo.org.